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We modify shipping and storage containers

Our shipping and storage containers are available in a variety of sizes, conditions and door configurations. If you need special modifications to your shipping container, we can do it! Shipping containers are perfect for outdoor businesses such as restaurants, coffee shops, entertainment centers, and others. Whatever your needs are, our team of experienced technicians in Utah will customize any kind of shipping or storage container with a wide range of modifications.

Door access

We can install a variety of doors to suit your business needs. Roller doors or roller shutters are ideal in containers. For living accommodations or sheds, double and single-side doors work well and look great. If you are using your container as a workshop in Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Nevada, Arizona and California, we can adapt it for easier access of vehicles and equipment. If you decide to go fancy, we can also install glass sliding doors that look amazing when used in homes.

Windows and protection

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If you plan on using your container for your restaurant, coffee shop or office, you may require extra light or ventilation. We can customize windows to fit into any kind of shipping or storage container. We can also install security screens, bars or a lockable steel covering flaps to protect your investment.

Ventilation system

Shipping and storage containers that are located in hot or humid environments may require ventilation to minimize odors, excessive heat, condensation, and humidity from Utah's harsh weather conditions. Whirly bird spinning vents or rotary vents can be positioned anywhere on the roof of the container. We also offer a variety of different sized wall vents that, when installed, sit flush with the container walls. All our shipping and storage containers are weatherproof in most conditions. Vents are perfect when electric power or air conditioning are not available.

Electric installation

Electric power and lights are indispensable additions to any container used as a coffee shop, office or home in Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Nevada, Arizona and California. Our experienced technicians can customize an electrical fit-out in your container to fit all your needs!

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