Hi-Cube Shipping Containers for Rent in Utah

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Hi-Cube Containers

Hi-Cube Containers for Rent

Our Hi-Cube storage containers are specially constructed for our clients in Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Nevada, Arizona and California who require extra height. These unit’s dimensions are 9’6” rather than the standard 8’6”. This ensures that there is always room for tall items. With an additional foot of height for more capacity to store goods and materials, our spacious 40-foot high-cube shipping container provides the most value in temperature-sensitive storage or transportation.

Hi Capacity Storage and Insulation Containers for Rent

Our 40-foot insulated high-cube storage containers minimize fluctuations in interior temperatures and are ideal for protecting goods such as food, pharmaceuticals, furniture and paper against mold and condensation.

New & Pre-Owned Storage Containers for Sale

We offer both new and used units, standard and insulated containers all sizes for sale. Our most popular storage containers are: 10' Shipping Container, 20' Standard Shipping Container, 20' High Cube Shipping Container, 40' Standard Shipping Container, 40' High Cube Shipping Container.

Same Day Delivery Storage Containers

We have multiple rentals and sales distribution sites in a widely spread area of the country. This ensures that our customers will always have superior affordable shipping containers accessible to them. It also allows our skilled team to offer same-day deliveries for almost every client in Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Nevada, Arizona and California.

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